Who am I, what am I?

Who am I? I’m a mother with an empty nest, who has filled her life with a Bearded Collie; my “grey man, and a black cat who thinks he’s a dog, and is also my black love!

I’m like someone else, I have been trying to open the door to my old writing self for a long time; tonight I read another blog that I then followed to another and her words opened my door to an “ah ha” moment that opened my mind to be able to at least start this, after it’s laid dormant for way too long!

So I’m stealing a little idea and I’m going to introduce a what makes me who I am! I’m a sum of who I was raised to be, how I was raised and the machinations of a religion that told me how I should be, and then allowed the adults in my life to do with me what they wanted!

I have been a mormon, I am an ATHEIST! I have been skinny, I have been fat; I have been slim and I am “tubby”! I have laughed, I have cried a LOT (but then doesn’t that go with depression?) and all that made up my years when I should have been loved and protected! Yet I was left in the hands of a wolf in sheeps clothing who claimed to be a “good man” and had his way with me when alone!

Being raised in a mormon home, and surrounded by people who were nothing that embodied a good mormon; yes they took  the sacrament each Sunday for forgiveness, and then lived a life of hypocrisy, it drove me away!

I like many am the sum of my life and all that it was and is! I will tell you more as you let me in to your home, and your head!